227 W Main St.
Havana, IL 62644
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Ron Hills, Economic Development Coordinator
The Economic Development Coordinator oversees business and economic growth.

RLF Loan Fund
The City of Havana manages two Revolving Loan Funds which can make low-interest loans to qualified area businesses.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool the state government has given to local governments to help aid the restoration of run-down areas. Using this tool, communities can make needed improvements and provide incentives to businesses.

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is the best source of free and confidential small business advice to help you build your business—from idea to start-up to success.

DCEO Business Development 
DCEO's Bureau of Business Development administers a wide array of programs and services designed to help Illinois businesses thrive in today's economy. We offer expansion incentives, technology support services, access to capital, global marketing expertise, or job training and education for workers.

Havana General Statistical Profile
The Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs provides statistical data about Havana for the general public.

Havana Economic Statistical Profile 
The Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs provides economic statistical data about Havana to the general public.

Havana Social and Housing Profile Statistics 
The Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs provides social and housing statistical data about Havana to the general public.

Illinois Department of Employment Security 
The Illinois Department of Employment Security offers information regarding the Illinois labor market and career-related services.

Spoon River College Newsletter 
This Community Education Newsletter describes the various classes and events offered locally by Spoon River College

Scenic Havana Video
Celebrating what's special about the West Central Illinois town of Havana.

Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway
The Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway preserves the natural river country along the banks of the Illinois River, allowing visitors to travel the same route as the early French explorers. Illinois River Country Nature Trail - Havana Loop
This loop focuses in and around the town of Havana, Illinois, which is situated on the east bank of the Illinois River south of Peoria.

The City of Havana's Economic Development​

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