Ward 3:

Alderman Charlie Campbell

E-Mail:  ccampbell.havana@gmail.com

Alderman James Stroh

E-Mail:  jstroh.havana@gmail.com

Ward 4:

Alderwoman Becky Chaney

E-Mail:  bchaney.havana@gmail.com

Alderman Ross McDowell

E-Mail:  rmcdowell.havana@gmail.com

Ward 1:

Alderwoman Portia Brown

E:Mail:  pbrown.havana@gmail.com

Alderman Bob Cooper

E-Mail:  bcooper.havana@gmail.com

Ward 2:

Alderman Randy Bell

E-Mail:  rbell.havana@gmail.com

Alderman Andy French

E-Mail:  afrench.havana@gmail.com

City of Havana's Elected Officials

Mayor Brenda Stadsholt                                                                             

Phone: (309) 543-6580

E-Mail:  bstadsholt.havana@gmail.com

City Clerk Marty Balbinot

Phone:  (309) 543-3411

E-Mail:  haclerk@grics.net

City Treasurer Steve Blessman

Phone:  (309) 543-2489

E-Mail:  hatreas@grics.net

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