Public Works Director:
Jewel Bucy
City of Havana
107 N. High
Havana, IL 62644
Phone: (309) 543-1108
E-mail Address:

The Public Works Department has the responsibility for the City’s infrastructure. There are three divisions within the Department. The Waste Water Treatment facility oversees the sewer plant and collection system, the Water Treatment Plant treats drink water, and the Street Department addresses maintenance of the city streets, storm sewers and water distribution system.

Garbage Collection:

The City of Havana provides weekly household waste collection to most single family residential dwelling units. Monthly fees for household waste collection/disposal services are included in the monthly water bill. For larger items such as furniture, mattresses and box springs a $5.00 sticker can be purchased at City Hall. You are entitled to six garbage cans or six garbage sacks per pick-up. Any bags in excess of the six allowed must have a $1.00 sticker purchased at City Hall for each additional bag.

All garbage must be placed curb-side by 6:00 a.m. June – September and 7:00 a.m. October – May. The garbage route days are illustrated in the map below with this clarification:

Pearl Street from Dearborn to Hurst Avenue is picked up on both sides of the street on Monday.

Yard Waste and Recycling:

Yard waste is picked up by the City Garbage Department from April thru November on the FIRST and THIRD Thursdays. All yard waste must either be bagged in PAPER YARD WASTE BAGS or placed in trash cans (no larger than 40 gallons), OR bundled and tied with twine (no longer that four feet in length or three feet in diameter). Loose or unbundled yard waste will not be collected.

Recycling is picked up by the City Garbage Department on the FOURTH Thursday of each month. You must have a blue container (which can be purchased anywhere) to signal the driver that there is recycling to pick up. You may have more recycling that what the container will hold placed in an orderly manner beside the recycling tub.

The following is a list of the items that are currently accepted in a curbside collection program conducted by the City of Havana:

  • Newspaper (everything that comes in the newspaper, including inserts)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (includes cereal & Kleenex boxes, etc.) No juice or wax-lined boxes
  • Magazines, Hardback and Paperback Books
  • Telephone Books
  • Office Paper (No construction paper)
  • 3rd Class or Junk Mail (includes plastic window envelopes)
  • Aluminum Cans, Foil and Scrap (such as lawn chairs)
  • Steel Tin Cans (need to be washed of food waste; labels may be left on)
  • Light Steel (this includes everything from coat hangers to bicycles)
  • Plastics #1 - #7 except Styrofoam (PS) #6 – Acceptable plastics are designated by a number inside the recycling triangle on the bottom of the container (needs to be rinsed)
  • Clear, Green and Brown Glass Food Containers (need to be washed and/or rinsed)

No Pyrex, ceramic or drinking glasses and Bags of Plastic Grocery Bags (this includes grocery bags, bubble wrap stretch film and any other bag labeled #2 or #4)

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