Havana’s Zoning Department is responsible for code enforcement of the City. These codes include, but are not limited to, building and demolition permits, ordinance enforcement, variances and involvement with the Planning Commission.

Building Permits:

The City of Havana requires owners of property located within the city limits to obtain a permit for any of the following reasons:

For all roofing projects, whether they are being completed by the owner or a contractor.
Any change in the footprint of a home or building. i.e. a change in square footage.
Any structure over 100 sq. ft. that is being built or moved, this includes garages, sheds, out buildings, carports and overhangs. Whether they are permanently attached to the ground or not.
Any fence project.
Decks, patios and pergolas.
Concrete pads or driveways are not included in the permit process. However, all pads and driveways must be constructed so that water run off does not affect the neighboring properties. 

For further information about zoning, including setbacks, please click on the City Ordinance tab and view Section 17.

The City of Havana has adopted the International Building Codes, (IBC) 2009 edition. The 2011 National Electrical Code, (NEC) and the Life Safety code 2001.

You may fill out a building permit application by clicking on the link below. You may submit it electronically (must use an Adobe PDF Reader) after which you will be contacted for follow up or you may print the completed application and contact the Zoning Department at (309) 543-2153 to make an appointment for inspection and approval.



Demolition Permits:

Any property owner who wishes to remove any structure over 100 sq. ft. is required to have a demolition permit from the City.

Please contact the Zoning Department at (309) 543-2153 or City Hall at (309) 543-3187 extension 5 for a Demolition Permit Application.

Code Enforcement:

Codes are enforced with the use of the municipal codebook with particular emphasis on Chapter 8.15, Maintenance of Private Property and Chapter 8.53 Minimum Structure Standards. If you have a question about code enforcement, please call the fire and police station and ask for Jeff or John. (309) 543-2153.  

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